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Mondaze: The daydream state experienced on a Monday morning.

Founders Jae & Bec with their two children

Before Mondaze was Created the Founders Jae and Bec had always spoken about opening an espresso bar, but with little industry experience it always took a back seat to whatever they were currently working on.

Then in May 2016 they had a discussion and decided to open a coffee shop. It was meant to be a little side project that got Bec out of her job. As they got closer to Grand opening on August 27th 2016 a lot changed.

They started to define what they wanted, what they wanted to represent, what culture they envisioned and the Vision for Mondaze expanded rapidly as they began to see the potential for what was creating. It all began when they posted the first milkshake photo and it added 1000 likes to Mondaze social media page overnight pre-opening, and that set the foundation for what was to come.

They opened their first store in Jimboomba, QLD, with a line out the door and over 800 people registered to attend the opening weekend. From the very beginning Mondaze have put high attention into customer service and the customer experience in store. Adding more value than expected, we believe that over time, Mondaze will be known for its extremely high focus on our customer's overall experience.

We want to build a brand that intertwines events with our restaurant and increases customers connection and experiences. 

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